INTERNATIONAL BARS' COOPERATION & STUDY TOURS COMMITTEE The Lahore Bar Association draws upon the experience and knowledge from its members to effectively represent the profession and advance public debate on law reform and legal policy issues. The Association’s committee are comprised of members from the Association’s constituent bodies. The role of the Committees is to: provide advice to the President, the Executive and the Council in relation to their areas of expertise; evaluate legislation on which the Association may comment; draft submissions to government and other interested parties on matters within their area of expertise as directed by the President, report current or anticipated developments which could affect the legal profession to the President contribute/draft articles on current issues within their areas of expertise for publication through the Association’s media. The role of the Indigenous issues committee is to provide advice to the Council and Executive on specific topics referred to it and, where requested, to assist in the formulation of policies with respect to Indigenous Pakistanis, the Pakistani legal system and the legal profession. Issues include, but are not limited to, native title, land rights, customary law, legal education, access to justice and racial discrimination. Access to justice The role of the Access to Justice Committee is to provide advice to the Council and Executive on legal aid funding policies and access to justice for all. The committee’s role includes but is not limited to, assisting in the formulation of policies, contributing and responding to discussion papers and forums regarding legal aid funding issues and access to justice. The role of the International committee is to advocate for enhanced access to and relationships with international legal services markets for Advocates. Many advocates volunteer for service on the Bar Association's committees, court liaison committees, government working parties and statutory authorities, providing their skills and expertise for the public benefit. Our committees regularly advise and assist the Bar Council/Association in the preparation of submissions regarding draft legislation and current issues in the administration of justice. Such expert commentaries are sought by governments and opposition political parties, as well as parliamentary committees and law reform agencies.