The Lahore Bar Association is the professional body and interest group for lawyers (advocates) in Lahore, Pakistan. Together with its members and elected officers, the Bar Association endeavours to ensure that lawyers meet high professional and ethical standards and enjoy good framework conditions. The Bar Association makes extensive efforts to promote due process protection and the principles of the rule of law, and it is the most important arena for its members’ engagement in criminal justice issues and the development of the law. The Bar Association is concerned with developing good systems and solutions that can help lawyers in their day-to-day practice. We provide advice on an individual basis about establishing and running a legal practice and about relevant changes to the regulatory framework. We work every day to draw attention to the contribution lawyers make to value creation in society, to recruit new talents to the profession and to support lawyers’ professional development and social fellowship. The Bar Association has worked since its inception to boost the respect and trust that lawyers depend on, and that mean that lawyers can be proud to practise their profession. The title Member of the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) is a hallmark of quality that shows that a lawyer belongs to a proud professional community. Lawyers apply stringent requirements as regards their professional and ethical standards – and they must meet these requirements themselves. Membership of the Bar Association is voluntary. REQUIREMENTS OF OUR MEMBERS The Lahore Bar Association wishes to safeguard the public’s interests and the reputation of lawyers by helping to ensure that all our members maintain high professional and ethical standards. Our members must therefore take continuous further education that is approved by the association. All practising lawyers are bound by the Code of Conduct for Lawyers, which has been drawn up by the Bar Association. The Code of Conduct for Lawyers is enforced through the disciplinary system of the Bar Association.